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Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

Brilliance Academy

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Miami - Alexandria
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Brilliance Academy is the biggest group of schools in Alexandria. It was founded in 2002 with the goal of managing the educational service and spreading the message of education which states that the school is responsible for both educating and teaching manners to students in order to produce a balanced generation both academically andmorally. The academy expanded to include 5 educational campuses and more than 1500 employees. It provides educational services to more than 7000 students all over its different schools: Brilliance Language Schools, Brilliance American School and Brilliance British School.


Our  Mission:

Brilliance mission is to create distinguished persons with highest quality of knowledge, skills, morals and ethics. We do that through instilling the Brilliance values in the employees and students to provide an excellent harmonic environment to work and study in .

Our  Vision:

Brilliance is founded on the belief that good ethics and morals lead to a life success. One day we will have the opportunity to be a light spot that produces global citizens who possess their cultural identity.


Our  Values:

a- We all have attentive ears:

Listening to partners of success enhances our success. It also makes us capable of  pinpointing drawbacks and paying attention to solve them. Our partners are the teachers, employees, administrators, students, and parents as well. 

b- Towards Teamwork Victory:

We believe that there are no winning  members in a losing team.  Hardwork teamwork success is above any individual success.

c- Learning through Doing:

We believe that education and teaching manners are not processes of memorization  but a knowledge- hunting adventure. In order to reach the best result, we need to make students practically familiar with what we want to deliver to them through practical activities and experiments and not relying on the system of lectures only .

d- Development and Technology are Essential and not a Luxury:

If you aren't moving forward then you're moving backwards. The one who does not progress is not in his place but retreats backwards. We believe that using technology became obligatory and an integral part of the educational process.

e- Success Must Be Measurable To Be Real:

Having a student or a distinguished small group, is not an indication of being a distinguished school. This distinction needs to be included in a previously made plan When the result of this plan is measured, we can evaluate  this distinction on a big and accepted scale.

f- Proud to be a Member in Brilliance:

Our goal is that each student, guardian, teacher, and administrator in the school is proud of being part of the school and implementing its mission and values.





  • address:
    The International Coastal Road – Extension of 45th street – Miami - Alexandria






Tuition Fees 2020-2021

Language School:

Application Fees: 400 LE

Registration Fees (First year only) 4,000 LE

PlaySchool: 13,000 LE

KG: 15,200 LE

Elementary : 15,200 LE

Preparatory: 15,200 LE

Secondary: 17,200 LE

Books: 1,500 – 2,500 LE


International (American – British ) Schools:

Application Fees: 500 LE

Registration Fees (First year only) 5,000 LE

PlaySchool – R.S: 17,000 LE

KG1 – Pre-k – F.S1: 21,500 LE

KG2 – KG – F.S2: 24,200 LE

Grade/Year 1: 25,300 LE

Grade/Year 2: 25,300 LE

Grade/Year 3: 25,850 LE

Grade/Year 4: 27,500 LE

Grade/Year 5: 27,500 LE

Grade/Year 6: 29,150 LE

Grade/Year 7: 29,150 LE

Grade/Year 8: 29,700 LE

Grade/Year 9: 30,800 LE

Grade/Year 10: 32,500 LE

Grade 11: 34,650 LE

Grade 12: 35,750 LE

Books: 2,800 – 4600 LE


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